Where have I been? UPDATE!

So it’s been a while since I have posted anything on here. It’s been a very insane few months for me, first of all I joined an amazing band that is growing every single day! Just put out a second EP ‘Heartless’ and the new music video is getting phenomenal amount of views and positive feedback. I took a few months out from doing anything I concentrated on my music and bettering myself as a person, and I can officially say this band has helped me do just that.

We are called Bring The Onslaught. Now the boys have been running this band for a few years now and I’ve been in for approx 2 months. We have so many gigs lined up and supporting some pretty decent names. Go check us out on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, basically any form of social media you’ll find us.

I will be going back to uploading a few times a week, I have a lot of reviews coming your way and starting to do band of the week! I you want your music reviewed then just drop me a message and I promise I will do just that!

Stay true, stay Strong,



Attila- Callout 2 Review

Well I have only just heard about this track and gave it a listen for the first time today after the missus has shown me a tweet from Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria guitarist), calling out Attila for disrespecting Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria vocalist).

After reading this I thought “Damn I gotta check this out!” And all I can say is Jesus Christ this is either a publicity stunt to get more attention or they are genuinely asking for trouble from a lot of people. Danny Worsnop is only one of many people to be called out in this track, others like Connor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Harvey Weinstein are a few others that are called out even just told to fuck.

Now I have defended Attila on Multiple occasions on my YouTube Channel an even dedicated a whole video defending them from people that hate them but I honestly don’t know about this track. Being a music producer and musician myself it genuinely sounds like crap it’s very very poorly written, and you can tell it was written in 10 minutes. There is a video of Fronz (Attila vocalist) explaining the track which I will link below:


He claims the song is split up into 3 categories:

1. Fucking people he can’t stand

2. Fucking people because he can

3. Fucking people to get a reaction

And from personally listening to this track the band is definitely going to get a very mixed reaction from this song.

Track Rating: 2/10

(And this is because I only like the band)

Give it a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Stay Strong, Stay True. Peace


Track Review: Siderian- Oleum

Well I’m not going to lie but I have been sat here since 15:00 refreshing my Facebook feed waiting for this band to drop their new single. I have been a massive fan of this band for a while now and love everything they release from Lizard Method Statement to my all time favourite Reduced Isle. Then as soon as I heard they were going to be dropping a new single I was buzzing to find out what it was going to be about.

I’m sat here listening to it as we speak and all I can say is Damn! Another outstanding track from the boys in Siderian, really catchy riff and a breakdown that you could kill an emo kid in a pit too.

Within the first 10 seconds just from the drums alone you can tell this song is going down! Then David’s (vocalist) voice kicks in with the high screams, which to me other than the beatdown at the end is the icing on top of the cake with this track. The main guitar riff itself is so catchy and fits perfectly with the pace of the track and that is crucial when writing a metal song, make yourself stand out from the crowd and this riff does just that.

I’ve got to say other than the instrumental itself, I love the lyrics to Siderian’s music, it’s not the stereotypical lyrics you expect to hear from heavy metal bands these days. For example:

What’s been created, egregious statements

Dangerous precedent set for the nations

Facing the fight without cause to violence

Peaceful resistance, alone in the silence.

I would recommend this band to anyone, go follow them on:



Track rating: 9/10

(This is not me being biased because I’ve known them for a while but this track genuinely is fucking awesome!)

I’ve known these boys for a while now, their old music is awesome, this track is awesome and I cant wait to hear more in the future!

If anyone wants a shoutout for their band, a review or even just a mention then get in contact with me and I will do exactly that for you,

Stay Strong, Stay True, Peace


Top 5 metal workout songs

So I’m sat here in the gym powering it through on the exercise bikes, then my workout playlist comes on and it’s…down with the sickness! Ooowaaaa!

Now it’s got me thinking what are the top 5 best workout songs for me…here we go!

1.Slipknot- Before I forget

Now to me there is nothing better than this song when I’m looking to psych myself up, I don’t know why but I always see myself looking down a long narrow path towards an MMA cafe with thousands of people chanting then the song plays as I walk out. It’s strange but I always get that sense of being a badass when it’s on.

2. Disturbed- Stricken

This is one of them songs that I just get completely lost in as soon as it starts I get amazed by it next minute I know the song is over. One of my all time favourites for when hitting the gym.

3. Linkin Park- Faint

When going hard at the gym you need something fast paced from the get go and you need look no further than Faint. From the pounding intro to the booming chorus get lost and get pumped.

4. Meshuggah- Bleed

D-DJENT, D-DJENT, D-DJENT, D-D-D-DJENT enough said 🙂

5. XviciousX- Misery

Now this band isn’t always a well-known one when discussing with other people unless you come across them in a meme on Facebook that they re massively used for. But this song has some of the biggest breakdowns I have ever heard and nothing sounds better when lifting some weights then a brutal breakdown and some dirty gutterals to go with it.

So there they are my top 5 metal workout songs, I thought this would be a fun one to kickstart my blog page off with. The future holds a lot for this page, Friday will be the first band single review of a band to be announced! If you guys have a band and want a free review then drop me a message and I will 100% do just that! Do t forget to follow this page.

Stay Strong, Stay True, Peace


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!,

This first blog is an introduction to me, what i’m about and what i want to achieve by doing this blog, if at any point you want to hear my views on any topic then get in touch and i promise to touch up on that topic in the blogs to follow.

I am a Heavy metal bassist and vocalist that has been listening to this genre of music all of my life, i was bought up around it being in my family and i took the genre on into my life and base my future career around it,

originally i originate from a small town in Worcestershire called Redditch where the heavy metal scene is booming at the moment with some amazing local bands bringing the scene further up, i will talk about these in future blogs.

From this page you can expect to see reviews of bands, albums, live shows etc, my personal views on topics in the heavy metal community and everything else that comes with it, i especially want to write about topics that you want to hear about so get in touch! also if you play in a band and want me to write a review of you or come along to a show to write a review then by all means get in touch!

for now that is it make sure you check out all the other blogs available and let me know what you want to see!,

Stay True, Stay Strong, Peace,